Preparing for England

July 9 I'll land well before breakfast in London.

Of course I can do with a welcoming committee. LOL!

The return journey isn't booked yet and depends partly on when I'm able to see some of my English friends, how much I have to spend, if we 2 (son of 23 and I) can find an affordable place to stay after the weekend and on how many speaking opportunities are offered.

You can contact me to speak about autism through the contact button at the top of the blog.

Because I've also had quite a lot of success with round table meetings and meetings where I answer questions people have about autism, I also want to offer my presence there.

Round table meetings can either be used to exchange experiences between parents, for instance, or to discuss matters about one person or case with all the people involved in the care for the person: doctors, school, parents.

Because I have 4 autistic children between the age of 16 and 23, and 2 non-autistic children, and their father is autistic too, I have a wide array of experiences to share.

I'm a psychologist, discovered autism in all my children long before their first birthday and even before their vaccinations.

I'm OK with all subjects. And I'm quite willing to travel outside London. (That's why we didn't book a place to stay after the weekend.)

So contact me and we'll work things out.


Symphony of Love said...

Hope you will have a great fruitful trip in England.

Metz said...


Thanks so much for dropping by at Empty Streets 1027 via Entrecard :)Am here to return the favor and to see what great stuff you have here :)

Hope to see yah around again and do enjoy your week :) xoxo

Empty Streets 1027

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