Autism Education Trust

The AET, the Autism Education Trust is hosting a free conference at the Thistle Hotel, in Queen Street, Exeter, on Thursday, May 7, from 9am-3pm.

The AET is supporting effective education practice for autistic children.

Places are free but limited and must be booked in advance. For details and to book tickets visit the Autism Education Trust site, call 0115 9113367 or email

Autism: The Wall That Knows No Limits

Documentaries about autism.

my brother is autistic

Siblings of autistic children lead a different life than many other young people.

The care for their brother or sister is a central in the family.

That doesn't mean it's negative. Not at all.

Have a look at this video.

autism in 78 seconds

There is not one description of autism.

Each individual is unique.

Some children lose themselves completely in turning a wheel, others can't initiate play and need guidance to learn how to play.

For a parent the world changes when an autistic child is born.

Parnets want to show this in a little movie.

Autism Awareness Month

April is international autism awareness month.
In the Netherlands a growing number of people is interested in the subject.

Don't hesitate to mail us with questions.

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