Yes, autistic children are assaulted by teachers too.

Dealing with autistic children changes parents and teachers.
They have to change, because it's important to take the abilities and disabilities of the autistic child into consideration.

One of the things I've learned as a parent is to examine my motives before I want my autistic children to do what I want.

What do I want to achieve?
Is it useful?
Useful for what or whom?
How do I want to achieve it?
Are there easier ways to achieve it?

Does my autistic child understand what I want?
Does he see the use of it?

etc etc.

I've learned patience, self reflection, understanding, and examining my own motives as well as those of others. And it taught me a lot about my child and autism.

Each child can be seen as a burden or as a rich source of change and inspiration.

I was shocked when I heard how some teachers were dealing with my children.

My children have been ignored, shouted at, humiliated, slapped and bullied by teachers.

I've never stopped telling them that teaching is not about pouring knowledge in and over a child, or using the child for owns own ego.

Like Maria Montessori said: the child should be the beginning, the child needs to develop itself and we are here to create the right circumstances and environment.

You don't belief that teachers are sometimes loosing it?

Here's an example:
The boy is a non-speaking autistic boy at Pittsburgh Public School.
The woman is his teacher.
The recording is made by the teacher's aid.

You can give your reaction, or your help here.

sending a reminder

Some organisations, we parents of autistic children need, come to a standstill during the vacation.

Ofcourse no one can take over important work, as all those people are so very important.

So our letters, applications and other written materials pile up and up, until there's a layback of weeks or even months.

When I saw the deadline nearing of the response to the application for daycare for my autistic son I got the strange feeling that nothing would happen at all.

More than 2 months had passed after I threw the letter in the mail, and more than 4 after the decision was reached we would apply for daycare.
We all thought that he would go there at the beginning of the vacation, for two days a week.
Giving us 2 days of free breathing and maybe even time to take the other children on a few daytrips.

But all we got was a confirmation that the letter had been received and that the deadline was 40 workingdays later.

Now 36 days had past and I had such an intense urge to send them a reminder, that I looked up the email and wrote a nice mail.

The same day I got an answer.
They needed a special identification number and a letter from the council, stating they agree with him not going to school anymore.

The letter finished with the promis that we would get the permission for daycare as soon as the councilletter would be on their desk.

So we've been waiting for two whole months for something that could have been organised within an hour before the summervacation started.

Now we have to wait until the people at the council start working again.

Oh.... this makes me so mad!!

I wonder how long we would have been waiting when I hadn't send the reminder!

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