Abilify and Weight gain

We need your help to bring a very pressing problem straight into the limelight in such a way that no-one can deny the problem.
Lots of autistic children are prescribed medication which helps them in a way, but which also causes uncontrollable weight gain up to a pound per week.

I need to hear from parents whose autistic child is using abilify.

Help me find them.

Please display this banner on your site to reach out.

Abilify and Weight gain

Parents can contact me by using the contact button at the top of this site.
Please use: "Abilify and weight" in the subjectline so I'll catch your mail at once.

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I'm sorry.


amandaautismx2 said...

I have been taking Abilify for the last two years, and I have also noticed a weight increase. I was around 120 when I started taking it, and now I am around 165. I had asked my doctor about the weight gain, and she had told me that it shouldn't cause weight gain. I was sure that it was. My autistic boys are not on Abilify thankfully, but I wanted to let you know that I have experienced weight gain as well. Thank you so much for the post. I also followed your blog as well. Hope that you will also visit me at http://www.autismandtheworldaroundme.blogspot.com. Hope that you have a wonderful day, and thanks for the post.

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