a long meeting

We've had a very long meeting today about the workload we're experiencing at the moment.

Many people suffer the effects of the cutbacks on sevices for autistic children.

We've spoken about the DSM V plans to move Asperger syndrome within the complete autism spectrum. In some countries people are afraid they won't get special aid anymore, whereas in other countries people welcome the change because aid comes available.

We've talked through all what we needed to discuss about the new site.

And we rearranged tasks.

Most important was the introduction of a triage system for emails and other mail.

The changes also require a different approach to volunteers within the organisation.
We decided we need someone who looks into the volunteer costs. In some countries volunteers get nothing and in other countries it's possible to pay them back their costs. We don't have sponsors, do we need them, want them?

In the closing round we discussed some online issues.


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