Gomey is at home!!!

Lots of thanks for all those who helped to create attention for Gomey, so he wouldn't disappear in anonimity, like so many autistic people who are victim of "the system".

More than 80.000 people clicked the graphic, which was displayed on a countless number of blogs. Bloggers blogged about Gomey. People reacted on Twitter and professionals did what they had to do.

So a huge "THANK YOU" to all of you for taking a stand for Gomey.

What happened:

A human rights lawyer, Julius Grey, got involved and he called the hospital.
Gomey's mother also spoke to an ombudsman (a woman) of the hospital, and she mentioned to know that the lawyer had been in contact with the hospital.

During a visit to hospital the woman asked to speak to Gomey privately.
She asked him whether he wanted to go home or to an english speaking hospital.
(It turned out that the judge has made a request to transfer him to an english speaking hospital, but the french one was reluctant to let him go there.
They prolonged his stay and even tried to persuade him to stay there.)

Ofcourse Gomey wanted to go home and eventually he was able to do so.

At home he was very insecure. He kept asking if they would come again to get him.
His feeling of safety has been shaken in such a bad way that he wants to move out of town and out of Quebec. He would welcome a move out of Canada.

The fact that he wants to leave his wellknown life makes clear how much his life is shaken by what has happened. His feeling of living somewhere secure and stable has gone.
Any help to get the family a new place to live will be appreciated.

Because the winter took it's time this year, Gomey has been able to ski again.
And he has played scrabble again.

He's trying hard to find a balance and to deal with his bad memories.
He's traumatized.
Unnecessary traumatized.

Thank you all for helping!!!

Gomey is one of many autistic people who are victim of the lack of knowledge of people about autism.
As soon as authorities only listen to those who hide their lack of knowledge behind a professional image people become a victim and are traumatized.

Mistakes can not be completely undone, Especially not, because there are no laws that grant therapy after mistakes, even though some professions, like psychologists, have ethical guidelines to undo harm that is done.

Like Gomey, many people all over the world live in constant fear to be taken from their homes just because they are autistic.

Unless we are able to create more understanding and acceptance for the uniqueness of each and every human being, and unless we're able to make it impossible for professionals who make these terrible mistakes to work ever in the area of psychology and psychiatry again, Gomey will be a symbol for all these misunderstood beautiful people.


Ruth said...

That's so good to hear! I hope he can get some help to get over the trauma soon.

I don't know what the laws are in Canada, but if I remember right, here in the US when something like that happens the people who made the incorrect decision are punished--fired from their job or something like that.

Tammy said...

My worse fear is that, for some reason, my son was seperated from us.

Clueless said...

Not just autistic, but developmentally or physically disabled, have a mental illness, are homeless, elderly...and the list goes on. For me, it is about "those" individuals who are unable to advocate for themselves and become a game piece for the different adgendas that the "professionals" have not realizing that a real person with feelings, wants, needs and wishes is there. Congratulations and welcome home Gomey. I hope he is able to heal from his traumatization...my heart is happy for his return and saddened by the turmoil that he and his family went through. (((to alll)))

Dave Lucas said...

This is wonderful news. I hope my blog post that mentioned Gomey helped.

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