Michael Buckholtz finished his 30 day hunger strike for autism

Michael Buckholtz has been on hunger strike for 30 days to raise funds for his non-profit organisation and to raise awareness.

I've blogged about him before on this site.

At this place I want to thank all bloggers who took displayed the graphics on their site or EC-bought the awareness graphic on their widget.

I also want to thank my fellow twitterers and tweeties, who tried to spread the message.

Getting the media interested in a genuine human being is far more difficult nowadays than it was about ten years ago.
But his message is strung, his humor is powerful, so I won't be amazed that he'll find his way into the hearts of many people.

The local paper of Macon publicized an article about Michael and made a video which you'll find at the right top of their page.

Thank you Michael for all you do for people with autism and for autism families who are struggling with the financial burden of autism.

Let's keep on spreading the word!!!


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