Michael Buckholtz hunger strike updates

Michael Buckholtz is on day 29 of his hunger strike for autism.

Read all about it here and in this post.

Not for himself, but for families and individuals who need money to get a proper diagnosis and who have no access to treatment otherwise.

Girls and women, and people from the lower social-economic classes are underdiagnosed.
Girls with autism are often withdrawn or overcompensate their autism, children and adults with autism from the lower social-economic classes are often told they suffer from bad upbringing.
Because there's no proper diagnosis they don't receive treatment.

A lot needs to be done and your help is needed.

The public needs to be informed, not only about the characteristics of autism, but also about ways to find a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Your help is needed.

  • To spread the word about this strike (see here for info and banners,) on your blog, on twitter and other social media
  • To inform papers, radiostations, shows and TV-stations about the strike
  • To motivate others to help
  • To donate, even when it's one or a few dollars: here
  • To buy his book. See here.

I know, it's awful to say, but most people don't care, because their children are healthy and do well at schools and everywhere else.
But many children are unhappy, because they're told every day they should behave better, but they can't.
Autism is a neuro-biological disorder that presents itself in all sorts of ways. In social behaviour, in communication, in understanding the world.
When we diagnose children early we can help them to understand the world better and find a place in it so they can be happy.

Help Michael reach the media so a larger audience will hear his appeal.


He'll accompany John Elder Robison on some of his lectures in New York
RadioBlogRadio will feature Michael on june 17 on a special radio broadcast

Finally more people on twitter react.


Thess said...

outting a link on my blog

Chato B. Stewart said...

_if this is the second post sorry.. your comment area is all in dutch...lol

Hey Mike,
I hope your Hunger strike is going well... Personally not the way I would go to bring awareness to the subject but to each it's own.

I wanted to ask you where the Autism end and the OCD kicks in. What does that look like for you? It's and interesting diagnosis... Is it common to have this type of co-occurring disorders?

I have a sponsor on my Mental health Humor site that works with Autism that is sponsored by Enzymidica.They are doing free workshops all over. Just that that would be a cool resource for you too.

I hope you well and that this does not trigger and adverse symptoms.
I wish you the best.


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