Now there's so much publicized about autism I meet many people who know it all.
Even the media embrace without criticism people who claim their son or daughter suffers from autism, and especially those who claim to have found a cure get a place in the centre, right in front of the camera of microphone.

They are presented as beacons of hope, whereas they're in fact they're lights from hell burning on earth.

Firm words, I know.

Why I used them?
Because I want to warn people.

Children who have autistic features (or autistic characteristics as some people prefer) are not necesarilly autistic or suffer from an autism spectrum syndrome.
Braindamage, due to hypoxia during birth, a car accident or a disease, can cause symptoms that mimick those of autism, without being autism.

The effects of autisticlike features caused by a carcrash can be reversed.
That's why miracles seem to happen.

So my advice, as a specialized psychologist, is to listen carefull to the stories people tell.
Seizures are not a feature of autism, for instance.

It's nice that people stand up for autistic children and their parents, but bringing the message of miracle cures, of success of the effort to heal their child, give some people the idea that parents are not doing all they can for their children.

I've had that feeling too.
It was like my sons have a button somewhere that needs to be pushed and I can't find that button to delete their symptoms.

And even more painful: I've been told by people I'm not dealing with the autism of my sons right, because they only improve so little over time. I'm not only a lousy mom, but also a failing psychologist.

Sorry, buttons are constructed on people when they live. Autism is inborn.

The other day I read about cerebral palsy.
It was a historical account, telling about the early days when the diagnosis cerebral palsy couldn't be verified as well as in this century.
People only needed to exhibit a tremor and panic was created.

Now cerebral palsy is a well described clinical diagnosis, with a clearly structured treatment.

I'm sure we're headed that way too, and in due time we're freed from the socalled miracles people bring in the news.

I'm looking forward to it.


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