cooking lessons

He's angry.

Because he wants to learn to cook, and I welcome the idea of boys being able to make something for themselves, he helped me making dinner the past three days.

One day he got me a package of spinach from the freezer.

Nothing special for normal kids of 16, but when you're autistic it's quite something to open a door and put your hand between all sorts of slippery and icy things.
He hates it, but because getting all the ingredients belongs to cooking, he took the package out.

The next day he boiled water and put the spaghetti in it and kept a close watch on the clock.
It nearly smashed my nerves.
Being updated of the time every 3 to 5 seconds during 11 minutes by someone with a loud voice doesn't feel good.

But we both managed...

And yesterday he boiled the eggs.
I thought 4 minutes of time-updates were enough. LOL!

This morning he was still proud of his accomplishments and told us over and over again we would have starved without him.
Which is ofcourse quite an understatement

The girls told him they liked his help, his father told him he should also cook dinner today.
It was meant as a compliment,
but it turned out a complete chaos, because son felt that people in the house were using his talents for their own good (wow!), etc etc.

He doesn't have meltdowns very often anymore.
But today he did.

And because he quit his meds a few weeks ago, there was nothing that helped him to be in control of his emotions.

After saying all sorts of painful things to those who are at home, and yelling a lot, he's now complaining his computer doesn't work anymore.

I'm not ready to have a look.

And I'm certainly not ready to have his father have a go at him because he broke his computer.

Last time he pulled a plug out and I was the one to "diagnose the problem", because the help of 4 males didn't do any good but stir emotions even higher.

Oh, and by the way, I'm the one to cook tonight. No eggs, no spaghetti and spinach. But potatoes, red cabbage and sausages. Because I like it!

Nothing wrong with his computer, the rolling shelf the keyboars stand on got stuck because a screw was a bit loose.


Anonymous said...

Was this post written in 2010? I have a 15 year old non-verbal autistic son. Ironic that we are trying so hard to get him to communicate, verbalize, etc., that when we finally do, we might not like to deal with what he has to say! You say your son tells you how much time has passed every 3 secs. Wow! I find that amazing. But troublesome at the same time. You might find it very depressing that my son is not saying much at all! There's a joy and a trial in all of our situations it seems. God Bless you on your way. We love cooking. I love it even more because Jack loves to help me. The joy comes when he's actually helping and not hindering. And we are there. Keep working with kitchen tasks. It's so functional on so many levels. Good luck! Mary Beth Miranda I have a blog I've stared called Cooking with Jack. Kind of sluggish, but fun to add to now and then.

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