Michael Buckholtz on hunger strike for autism

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Sometimes someone can be caught by such a strong inner urge that nothing, nothing can stop him.

When I met Michael Buckholtz at Twitter, I felt this is one someone special.

Oh yes, he is.

He was diagnosed with high-functioning Asperger's Syndrome and OCD and he battled all the battles children, adolescents and grown ups with that diagnosis are faced with.
Like in my family all males in his family had their own unique form of austism.

His perseverance and his positive attitude made him into a caring person, who fully understands the problems autistic people and their families are dealing with.

One of the main problems is finding enough care, support and therapy.
It simply costs too much money to do what's needed.

Michael founded the AACF, INc. The Aid for Autistic Children Foundation, Inc.
It's a non-profit organisation which aims to reduce the financial burden on families.

But he does more.

Today he started a hunger strike to bring the needs of autistic people to the attention of the media, the governments and to all who need to listen more.

Each day he will blog about his condition here at his blog.

There are several ways you can support him.

I don't think you can talk him out of the hunger strike, but you can report his efforts to your local media, because austism concerns us all.

You can blog about him, and about autism.
When you don't know what to blog about, just get in contact with Michael, with an autism family in your neighbourhood or online, or with me.

Buy Michaels book.
He knows what he's writing about.
You can find everything about it here.

Michael is at twitter: @TheBuchNation and @Aid4ASDKids

I wish Michael will reach his goals.

Let's all help him!!

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